Our Services

Organizational Level

Assistance to organizations in their transformation (liberated company).
Audit and strategic analysis of the organization and/or its key sectors.
Co-creation of a company project (Vision, mission, values,...).

Team & group  level

Leading meetings ( management committees, boards of directors, general assembly, citizens agora, teams, etc.).
Conferences, workshops on liberated companies, shared governance, collective intelligence.
Workshops for collaborative games, analysis, creativity,...
Visual facilitation for meetings, conferences, trainings, etc.
Training in collective intelligence and shared governance.
Project support (advice, animation,...).
Management of conflicts, tensions,...
Off-site meetings

Individual Level

Coaching of executives, managers during a transformation process.
Training to get the facilitator posture.
Training in collective intelligence and shared governance (posture) for managers.
Training to become a professional facilitator and change coach.
Training in visual facilitation.
Initiation to Collective Intelligence (2 hours, 1/2 day or day).
Evaluation and co-creation of action plans.

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    Ready is a department of Biorope SPRL

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